Why Video Drives Sales

20130612_142504We know that content is king on the web, but what type of content drives the most engagement out of your audience. Simply put, video is on the top of the food chain. Youtube is the largest and most popular video site out there, and is one of the top search engines used.  What it comes down to, is if you are trying to sell products or services, adding video to your online strategy is a must.

The average tweet has a shelf life of 3 minutes. Facebook posts have 3 hours.  The average video lifespan is 4 years.

That is astounding. That makes video a greater long term investment than other traditional social media marketing. Not to mention, Google gives higher rankings to videos over text format because it gives more information in a shorter amount of time.  If that isn’t reason enough to get into making video, we have a few more surprising statistics that should convince you.

The average web user spends 88% more time on a website with video than on one without.

Most users will spend at least 2 minutes watching a video that educates them on a a product they plan on purchasing.Marketing business sales

This means that the most effective video is 2 minutes or under, so keep that in mind when planning video projects. 75% of executives or people with purchasing power watch work related videos on websites once a week.  Videos build trust, relationships, and credibility in an easy to watch, share and educational format.  Video attracts 2-3 times more monthly visitors than text sites and increases engagement about as much. Furthermore, almost half of all viewers say they are more likely to seek out information on a product or service after watching an online video about it.

Simply put, video not only drives more traffic to your site but it also sells more products and services.

Making the dive into video can be scary, but it’s well worth the investment if you do it correctly.  Stay tuned for more from us on how to make video and how to market yourselves online.  Thanks for watching.

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