We aren’t just marketers, we’re storytellers. Audience engagement goes far beyond the content you put in front of them, it’s all about the story you tell. And we want to help you tell that story to the world. We know that marketing your brand is so much more than the products and services you provide. It’s about creating the feelings, experiences and engagements that make your brand grow.

Engage Target Media is a full-service, digital marketing and production agency comprised of best-in-class digital media experts. We pride ourselves on creating affordable, custom solutions that meet your business objectives by engaging your customer base and targeting your goals.  We create influential marketing strategies that positively influence your bottom line and spread your brand globally.

While building websites, updating your social media and creating top quality video with snazzy catch phrases are all very important, these things only work best when they are all working together. We combine talent and technology to build connected brands and tell their story.

We’re a unique team that can see the potentials, dream big and spark the imagination of clients to better market your business. Just like you, we built our business from the ground up through hard work, ingenuity and passion, so let us help make your vision into a reality.




Kristen Felder
(aka THE BOSS)

Kristen is founder and CEO of Engage Target Media and according to her mother, a professional liar.

From the moment she could talk, it’s been about using stories in the most creative ways possible to shape opinions. From what we can gather, most of those stories existed as an escape attempt to some trouble she managed to find herself in by placing blame on her bother… or the dog…. or aliens.

With her well-practiced storytelling skills, everyone was sure she was destined to be a lawyer, or famous prison author. However, by accident, she stumbled into the Journalism and Public Relations department at Arkansas State University and found a new way to use storytelling to shape opinions and actions around companies and their message.

After several years working in public relations and crisis communications for Fortune 100 companies, it was time to bring all the lessons together and launch Engage Target Media.

No matter the size or shape of your business, there is a story to tell. And no matter what that story is, we promise you, Kristen is ready to tell it in ways that you never dreamed possible.

  • Richard Farrester

    Prior to working for Engage Target Media, Richard worked in broadcasting for over 30 years with a background in production and management. He began working in local radio as an announcer and local television in audio production and as a promotion writer/producer. He also served as the Program Director for the local ABC television affiliate for 23 years where he received two Emmy nominations for local program production. Richard also served as the Director of On-Air Operations overseeing the television broadcast operations’ technical staff. In addition to broadcasting, Richard’s background includes web production and content development.

  • Eric White
    Senior Editor

    Eric graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Tennessee at Martin and a Masters of Fine Arts in digital filmmaking from the University of Central Arkansas. He worked as a photojournalist and videographer for the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway, AR and completed more than 500 video news packages.
    Eric has worked on numerous short and feature films. Most recently, he completed “An Uncertain Bill of Health,” a short documentary about the oil spill in Mayflower, AR. Eric was nominated for Best Director – Made in Arkansas for his short film, “Homefront,” at the 2014 Little Rock Film Festival.

  • Corey Gattin

    Corey Gattin is an avid fan of movies, cars, David Bowie, and professional wrestling.  He hopes to one day be the champ.  Corey graduated from The University of Central Arkansas in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking.  He has written and directed several narrative films and documentaries appearing in film festivals around the country. When not working, he can be found with his dogs at home where he lives with his dogs at home with his dogs.

  • Avery Moorehead
    Social Media Marketing Specialist

    Beard master. Currently serving as the resident lumberjack at Engage Target Media. Avery graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking in 2011. He has worked as a photojournalist, videographer and editor for the past four years in the central Arkansas area.  Avery has been involved in numerous film productions in many diverse positions. He now finds joy in the challenge of mastering a perpetually evolving, and relatively new medium, “Social Media”.  He never drives faster than he can see, and is fully aware that it’s all in the reflexes.

  • Dan Henderson
    Director of Sales and National Accounts

    Dan knew, or we should say thought, from an early age he was gifted. After all, he is so bright his dad always called him “son.” When he is not working, you can usually catch him with his family. A father of two young daughters, his kids give him a reason to act like a kid again.  And at night, chances are he is watching movies and reciting every line, driving his wife crazy in the process.

    Prior to working at Engage Target Media, Dan spent 10 years working in a variety of Marketing, Consultation and Customer Service roles and enjoyed every moment of it. He loves to meet new people and hear their story. And tell a few of his own.