Linked In for Lead Generation

linkedinWe’ve talked before about how to use LinkedIn for your small business, but we’ve never really delved into the ways to use it for lead generation. Here are some creative ways you can kick start developing new leads using LinkedIn.

 1. Introduce Yourself

After you make a connection with someone, go through their contacts. Make a list of people you’d like to be introduced to and ask if that person would be willing to make a quick introduction for you. Include your welcome message in the note in order to get a more warm reception.

2. Participate

There are group discussions for almost every niche you can think of on LinkedIn.  These groups are often full of people looking for support and answers. Give your knowledge freely and start building relationships. Establishing yourself as a credible source of information and expert will assure people will turn to you for your services. Not to mention that you can connect with people in groups by sending them messages even if you aren’t directly connected to them.

3. Use Flattery

When reaching out to connections or business, use compliments to sweeten your message. Show a real interest and express a desire to work together and collaborate. You will be surprised how many people you can meet using this technique. Don’t go overboard with your flattery. Keep it simple and truthful.

4. Collect Leads

Using the lead collection feature, you can collect leads directly through your LinkedIn ad campaigns. Members who click your ad are taken to your landing page with a button requesting that you contact them. It’s easy to use and can help you build up quite a list of connections.

5. Pay Attention to Profile Views

LinkedIn allows you to see who has visited your profile. Contact those people, if they are a connection, with a message asking if you can help them with anything. If they aren’t a connection, research them and send a note saying that you noticed they visited your page. Anyone who spends time on your profile is worth reaching out to as a potential lead. Don’t shy away from making new connections this way because it could lead to more business. You never know if someone is casually looking at your profile or looking to hire you.

questions6. Ask Questions

It may seem like a no brainer, but you should use your status updates to engage the people you are connected to.  Posting about industry trends, quotes or business questions get people talking and keep you on the front of people’s minds. Don’t be afraid to get the conversation moving with your updates.

7. Stay Active

You should post at least weekly on LinkedIn to keep yourself top of mind with your network. Share newsworthy content or updates about your company. Just make sure you are posting.  Passive awareness from your network becomes important when you reach out to your contacts. People are much more likely to connect with active users than with lurkers.

The most important thing about LinkedIn is that it’s a social network like all the others, so keep it that way. Making new connections and actively engaging people is a surefire way to establish a strong presence on the network. Be aggressive and establish yourself as the go to source for your industry.  People will definitely want to work with you if they know you can be trusted, so set out to be awesome. You never know what kind of business you may drum up.


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