Generating New Content

Marketing business salesHow do we engage our audience with interesting content? Is coming up with content a challenge for you? We understand that developing engaging content is the toughest part of any marketing strategy, so we looked at some questions to ask yourself while trying to find ideas.

1.  What are the challenges that face our industry?

By figuring out the pain points of your industry and what your customers need, you can work with your team to develop helpful content to address the challenges that arise. Create case studies showing how businesses have overcome the challenges that face your industry and the lessons to be learned from common experiences. Addressing pain points is a great way to get conversation going.

2.  What are people talking about?

Are your customers asking questions? Every question a customer asks is a potential for a new piece of content, so do your best to answer them. Explore Linked In groups or Google+ communities for what is being talked about in your industry. Join the conversations taking place online and establish yourself as the go to source for relevant information.

3.  What are your competitors doing?

Monitoring what your competition is up to is a great way to see what is working in your industry as far as content is concerned.  See what content is finding traction and find a way to use a similar strategy yourself.

Social-Media-Listening-Image-two4. What is happening outside your industry?

Research a completely different subject and figure out how it applies to your industry. See what you can learn from different industry sectors and identify what could be applied to your business specifically.

5.  What is the latest industry news and trends?

If you are truly immersed in your industry, this should be the easiest source of content. Knowing the latest trends and industry news can help spark conversation. as long as you keep ahead of industry reports.  Conduct your own surveys and conversations to increase engagement and provide new insights that you may have overlooked.

Every insight is potentially a piece for great content.

Hopefully, if you ask yourself these questions while coming up with your content, you should find that it should be easier than anticipated.  Remember, don’t be afraid to ask your audience questions and use user generated content.  With these questions in mind, coming up with dynamic, relevant content should be a breeze.

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