Choosing the Right Image

visual-content-panoramaPeople are visual.

We’ve covered why your content needs visuals before, but we’ve never really touched on what kind of images work best for your content. 80% of what people learn is visual, so your images need to communicate your message just as much as your text, if not more.


Stay Relevant

This may seem like a no brainer, but make sure the images you attach to your post are related to the post you make.  If you are talking about business advice, a cute picture of a cat would not be relevant, no matter how many likes you think it will get.  You want people to take you seriously, so make sure your posts are focused and tie in to your marketing goals, images included.

Don’t Rely on Memes

Everyone loves a good meme. We aren’t saying don’t use them at all, but make sure they have something to do with what you are saying.  Also, Facebook, having recently changed it’s edge rank system, has made it harder for businesses to get into the feed of their fans. Facebook felt that meme based posted are “low effort”, so they are especially hard to get in front of fans. As far as we’re concerned, that’s enough reason to avoid using memes altogether.

Get the Right Permissions

This may come as a surprise to you, but most images you find online are copyrighted. Fair-use allows certain use of these images, but if you are using them for marketing purposes, you will need to have permission to do so.  Memes, cartoons and stock images especially are copyrighted and using them without permission could lead to a lawsuit. Avoid sticky situations with your images by looking for things that are public domain or go ahead and pay for the rights.

PrintDimensions are Important

Each of the social networks has their own size for images that appear in the news feed.  Take special care to make sure you image works for the network you are posting it to. Don’t have include text that could be cut off. Make sure the main part of your image is centered because all the networks, no matter what size they crop to, will center your graphic.  Learn the image sizing for the networks you post to and preview your graphics before posting.


A picture is definitely worth a thousand words, and these days, a bunch of likes and shares. Spend just as much, if not more, time choosing your images as you spend crafting your text. Size, color and readability matters, so make sure your relevant images are impacting your campaign in a helpful way. The right image will boost your reach, help ensure your campaign’s success and may even go viral.  With the right image, the possibilities are endless.  Good luck!

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