Best Twitter Practices

twitter-featured1You may not fully understand Twitter, but as a marketing tool it’s invaluable.  Twitter allows it’s users to communicate more directly with followers in short, easy to digest pieces that can be photos, videos or links to outside sources.  The tweet feed is active pretty much 24 hours a day, leaving the possibilities for global reach wide open.  The problem most people have with staying active on Twitter is maintaining a real presence that is valuable to a follower base.

We’ve looked at some key points to show the real you and engage with your followers on a more human level.

  1. Be grateful – Thank new followers each time you get them, even if there are many.  It’s well worth the time to invest in personally thanking followers as well as people who retweet your content.  After all, these people are helping to increase your reach and spread your messages.
  2. Relate to current events – No one lives in a bubble, so feel free to use current events, be it sports events or social to relate to your content.  A great way to mention current goings on is to use humor. Don’t be afraid to be hip and current, your audience will appreciate it.
  3. Share Insights – If you notice you are getting a lot of frequently asked questions, share your insight on the problems. Tweet tips and other helpful tid bits relating to your industry to really boost your value.
  4. Share local insight – If the bus near your shop always runs late, tweet about it. The people that are local to your business will connect with you ever further if they know that you deal with the same local issues they do.  It’s all about being personal, so connect to those closest  to your business.
  5. Make Jokes – Everyone hates Mondays, so it’s ok to make lighthearted humor of the things that bind us together as humans.  Weather is always a great subject, but steer clear of things that may insult or inflame members of your audience. Don’t be afraid to make people smile.
  6. Reminisce – Talk about the past in your industry and how things have changed for the better or worst.  Remember what it was like before? I can guarantee others do too.
  7. Ask Questions – Asking questions is a sure way to let your audience know that you care what they have to say.  Make sure you respond to the answers, or the point of listening will be made moot.

These are just a few examples of the many things that make Twitter more personal.

Take the time to follow accounts that are actively doing things the right way.  Take cues from accounts you like and put your own spin on it.  There is a fine line between personal professional and personal personal, so make sure you keep that in mind when coming up with your content. Good luck and happy tweeting!

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