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Tradeshows: A Social Media Dream

Trade shows create the perfect time for a business to enhance its image and get its name out to consumers. During these times, tons of relevant people are in attendance and will likely stop by your booth. In order to make a lasting impact to these customers, you’ll need to effectively utilize social media throughout the show.

To make the most out of your trade show experience, you’ll need to get people to see and know your business’ name, meet current and potential customers and enjoy yourself. Enjoying yourself will keep company and employee morale up while reflecting joy and enthusiasm through your social media posts. The following steps can help your company get optimal use out of social media at trade shows.

  • Get ready for the eventIMG_4186

About a month before the event begins, or earlier if you feel it’s necessary, begin posting about the show. By doing this, you can get fans and customers excited about the show and excited about what they may see at your booth.

Make sure you do your research and use the proper hashtags and mentions where they’re necessary. You don’t want to be the only company using one hashtag, while the majority are using another. To help with this, you can visit the profiles of the show’s host.

  • Keep posts clean and professional

We realize these tradeshows can be fast-paced and hectic, but that shouldn’t mean compromising the company’s image. Before each tweet, Facebook post, Instagram image or any other social media post, be sure your spelling and grammar are correct and the photo is appropriate. There’s no bigger feeling of reluctance from a customer than when it sees a business’ social media post riddled with errors.

  • Don’t over-post

Social Media Logotype BackgroundSometimes during these shows there are times when people can relax. This may cause a feeling of the need to post. Don’t simply post to post, but make sure the content has substance and causes customers to engage. This can be getting fans excited for a demo coming up or giving them a chance to ask questions about the show, products or anything else about which they may be curious.

It gets frustrating to customers to see post after post on their newsfeed, especially when those posts are meaningless. Many times this can cause a negative effect of using social media because the customer gets annoyed and will quit following you with one click of the mouse. Be sure to post wisely and sparingly.

  • Use media

Rather than just having a post full of words, give the audience something to see. This can be in the form of a picture, a video or even a link to something else if need be. Media allows the consumer to visualize what is going on at the event if they’re not there. If they are there, it gives them something to look forward to seeing and to get engaged in if they are in one of the photos or videos. It makes customers feel special to know they are involved in something you and your company are doing.

  • Keep posting afterward

Although the event may be over, there were most likely still plenty of things people missed. Follow-up photos and videos can show people what all went on at the event and allow them to reminisce about what they saw. This also gives companies the chance to stay in touch with people they met at the show and people that could prove to be valuable contacts to their business.

Trade shows provide a great chance for companies to meet new people and show off their product, and social media can greatly enhance that experience.