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Get the most out of LinkedIn

Launched in May 2003, LinkedIn now has over 300 million users – 100 million here in the US as of 2014. LinkedIn has over three million business pages that showcase over one million products and services.

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The number one tip for businesses on LinkedIn, and any social media platform for that matter, is to optimize your page.  As in any marketing environment, you must highlight what your business has to offer.  To be a sharp marketer, build out your products and services page.  Those who do this tend to attract twice as many company followers than those who do not.  Use this page to tell others what you do best and give them compelling reasons to follow you.

Remember, you can link to just about anything from your products and services page, including your latest and greatest white papers, case studies or how-to content.

You canbest attract customers when you turn your products, services or anything else relevant to your business into a focal point.  An example of what to feature includes your services.  If you specialize in certain makes of automobiles, feature those.  If you offer towing or your shop has a special process for detailing repaired vehicles, feature that.  Perhaps you are the only shop that offers towing for customers.  Any service that sets you apart is something you should highlight.

You can also highlight the products you use.  Perhaps you only use OEM parts or you use a specific type of automotive paint.  Maybe you have a special source for hard-to-get body parts.  Anything like these should be on your products and services page.

Also consider listing your community involvement – do you participate in bike safety days, driver safety classes or child safety programs with your local police?  Maybe you sponsor a little league team. Put this on your products and services page to show your community involvement.

The idea is to use your products and services page to tell LinkedIn members what you excel at and why they should follow you.

Another reason to make this page stand out is that LinkedIn company pages are SEO-friendly.  Be sure to use powerful keywords in your description.  LinkedIn allows company searches by keyword, so be sure to include strong words and phrases that describe your business, expertise and industry focus.

Don’t forget to include your contact information as well.  Also, your primary attributes can function as keyword tags.

Now that you have your products and services page ready, you must be ready to engage with your audience.


LinkedIn company pages, allow you to like and share content as a company. Previously, only individuals could do this.  It is a major change, so use it to your advantage by engaging other members!

For example, your company can ‘like’ and respond to member comments made in response to posts on your company page.  Consider sharing your customers’ and prospects’ content—from their corporate blogs, product updates and company posts—to get these kinds of interactions going.  This helps develop trust with customers while developing a more professional corporate brand identity.  Content customized to your followers’ and customers’ professional interests resonates the most on LinkedIn.

Choose the latter to send your update to a subset of followers based on geography, industry, company size or level of seniority.  Just as with any social network, LinkedIn is a community where targeted engagement is essential for success.With targeted updates, you can easily tailor your message to your audience.  For example, when you create an update, you can choose to share it with “all followers” or to a “targeted audience.”